My name is Sonja, I am one of those people who want to change the world.

And because I don’t really know, how, but believe we should all be doing that together, I started this blog.

If you also think there are so many problems in this world which “someone should really do something about”, and maybe that someone could be you, then this blog is for you.

If you are an expert on all things social justice / change / innovation / activism / impact / movements / trends, then I would love for you to comment and share that expertise.

What this blog is not
a guide on “how to save the world”
a diary of all my little attempts to save the world
a rant on everything that is wrong with the world and the guilty people behind them
a platform for like-minded people to agree on things they already know.

Please comment, like, share, write to me!

Me? I’m an international relations graduate, a generalist specialising in “social justice”-buzzword topics and status quo challenging, a student activism veteran with experience in homelessness, education and refugee matters, currently working as a strategy and innovation project manager at a charity in London, love chocolate, acting, learning languages and people who follow their own ideas.

Oh, you might wonder what buzzwords and bowtruckles have to do with social change, impact and innovation? You can find out here.