Why? 28 questions on the Calais refugee camp eviction


Why did people need to leave?
Why did people need to leave a home, for the x-th time losing everything?
Why did people need to live in Calais?
Why did people need to live in self-made huts, and tents, and mud, and without sanitation, in the middle of Europe?

Why do authorities think they can just move them where they want them?
Why do the refugees want to go to the UK?
Why do some refugees want to stay in Calais?
Why do some refugees not want to stay in Calais?
Why do children have to sleep on the ground outside a registration centre that didn’t let them register?
Why are authorities not registering that they’er sleeping on the ground rather than being registered?
Why are the French authorities not registering them?
Why are the English authorities not registering them?
Why is no one taking responsibility for them? Are they waiting for their parents?

Why are aid organisations not allowed into the jungle?
Why are aid organisations the only ones providing reliable information?
Why have voluntary organisations had to supply the camp in the first place?
Why is there no government figure on the ground providing reliable information?
Why is there no reliable information?

Why are arrests and heavy protection gear part of a humanitarian evacuation?
Why is it the French Riot Police who has oversight over the jungle?
Why was the word “stop” among the first words refugees wanted to learn in French?

Why do people get arrested for not leaving the camp, after they’d been denied all ways to leave?

Why is “Calais” and the “jungle” associated with “danger” by literally everyone – refugees, police, residents, media, some volunteers?
Why is “police” associated with “danger” by all refugees and some volunteers?

Why is no one thinking of the fact that the French government attempted to work for a solution, ignored the Dublin resolution and provided some people with a roof over their head, as a good thing?
Why is the French government not recognising it failed massively at its “humanitarian evacuation”?

Why does no one hold people to account who infringe human rights of refugees?

Why does no one know what will happen next?


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