Buzzwords and Bowtruckles and social justice?

This blog will explore some questions around social justice / change / innovation / activism / impact / movements / trends, look at the simple and sophisticated answers out there, bust some myths and pin down some buzzwords.

Why is it called “buzzwords”?

Because the world of “making social change” is full of them. What do we actually mean by “social change”, for example? What is “impact” and why does everyone talk about “social innovation” in a thousand different contexts?

I would like to give a little more meaning to those buzzwords – by collecting different conceptions of them, assess those against each other, and by inviting your view on each.


Why “bowtruckles”?
Bowtruckles are small creatures living in trees. They are extremely shy and hardly ever seen –  possibly also because they resemble twigs to a stunning degree. Bowtruckles are normally extremely peaceful creatures, but anyone attempting to do harm to their tree, beware of their long and sharp fingers! They live in trees that provide the best wood for magical wands, and scholars of wandlore will know how to distract them with lice to fulfill their mission.

This is not (only) me confessing my geeky knowledge of the Harry Potter books and making fun of everything, this is an analogy I have found rather useful when thinking about “social impact / change / innovation” and all the other lovely buzzwords.

Solutions to the enormous problems this world faces are a bit like bowtruckles:

  • Just the fact that we have not found them does not necessarily mean they don’t exist.
  • They might not look like we expect them to, or be too obvious to notice, like a twig.
  • They are not going to be easy to deal with, or perfect in what they accomplish.
  • People might declare you crazy in trying to look for them, that being such a superhuman task.

On this blog, I want to showcase some good “bowtruckles”, some solutions to problems ranging from inter-faith conflicts and the so-called “refugee crisis” to environmental degradation. Happy to hear from anyone who has found one!

Oh and yeah here is a live video of a bowtruckle!


3 thoughts on “Buzzwords and Bowtruckles and social justice?

  1. You are remarkable. I am certain you will do and be great if you go on like this Sonja. You do and are already, but your deeds will be the birth of something exponential some day.


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